Building Code
Upgrade Assessment
Building Code
Upgrade Assessment

We have developed steps that that have proven successful in solving this part of the puzzle.

Time Element

Dealing with time elements requires an understanding of productivity and other contributing factors.

Construction Productivity Analysis
Construction Productivity Analysis

Understanding issues concerning time elements and cost, one needs to have an understanding of productivity.


At CSC we endeavor to make sure communications within a file convey an objective benign statement of fact.

Until NOW, we have been one of the best kept secrets in the construction consulting industry!

At Construction Services Company, we believe our years of collective experience set us apart!


CSC has been in existence since 1997. The company founder started his construction consulting career in 1994 in the aftermath of the Northridge Earthquake after a well-rounded 22-year career in the construction industry. The company founder has since aligned himself with consultants of similar background and mindset. The CSC model is one of integrity, a professional work ethic, foresight, understanding, experience, and accountability.



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National Catastrophes

Providing Clients With The Best Solutions.

Our extensive construction backgrounds have served to provide a unique perspective. That background coupled with our many years of experience with the claims industry provides the foundation one needs to foresee, understand and convey project issues in a clear and proactive manner. It’s our job to be proactive and to convey the incomplete tasks or strategies to our client and to be able to advise them accordingly.

Absent a proactive approach the client can be blindsided with information and resulting cost that can take on multiple dimensions on multiple levels. Foresight and information are key ingredients in making sure the client has a grasp of all of the issues they may need to deal with, not just what is obvious in the moment, but everything that can and might happen, through the repair process.

Featured Projects

CSC has been in the construction consulting & claims industry for over 20 years. During that time we have worked in the aftermath of many types of perils in both residential, commercial, and industrial assignments. We have been involved regionally as well as in remote catastrophe situations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our experience as it relates to your specific need.


Code & Ordinance Evaluation & Determinations

Construction Services Company consultants take the necessary steps to recognize potential code related issues.

CSC has developed a protocol for making fact-based determinations relating to various governmental levels of code and ordinance enforcement. Our system of fact-finding and fact-based determinations has proven to be a productive and value-added tool in the determination of what is actually loss related, making our construction consulting services some of the best in the country.

Answers relative to what level of enforcement may be applicable for a particular building are not typically found in the adopted reference materials. A contractor’s or a design professional’s opinion may be inaccurate based on an incomplete understanding of the facts. If the repair is allowed to lurch forward absent a complete understanding of the facts, the results can often manifest by way of unnecessary additional scope, design fee, and delay.

Clients that have availed themselves of this service have realized that it actually takes less time to develop factual information and to allow fact-based determinations to be made on the front end.

At inception CSC consultants take steps to recognize potential building code related issues and work to develop the necessary information to get in front of the evaluation and determination process. Our efforts have served to control scope, professional design fees, timelines, and expectations. We utilize a proven system of basic steps that can work in almost any jurisdiction under almost any set of circumstances.

In closing, as building departments increase outsourcing of their plan review workloads to independent plan review resources, CSC’s proactive approach becomes even more valuable. Over the last several years we’ve found that communication between department heads and independent plan review resources is limited. If a design is outsourced for plan review, communication with the independent reviewer becomes more difficult. Therefore, proactively reaching a fact-based determination and the communication that documents those determinations follows the submittal so the independent reviewer can understand how and why certain determinations were made prior to plan submittal.

Our Latest News

Welcome Michael Vu!

Dear Clients;

We are taking this opportunity to announce the addition of Michael Vu to our team effective November 1st 2018.  Michael resides in Mission Viejo, California and will be handling assignments in the Southern California and Southwest regions. 

Using the correct reference to determine enforcement makes a significant difference

Addressing damage to existing buildings is a challenge. Determining scope for code related the code upgrades doubles down on that challenge.

To determine scope for code related repairs the level of enforcement needs to be determined first.

Of importance here is the fact that there are chapters and specific references in the adopted family of codes that are specifically for “existing buildings”.