Welcome Michael Vu!

Dear Clients;

We are taking this opportunity to announce the addition of Michael Vu to our team effective November 1st 2018.  Michael resides in Mission Viejo, California and will be handling assignments in the Southern California and Southwest regions.  Michael adds to CSC’s presence and business model in the region.  Michael comes to us with 10 years of estimating and project management experience in the insurance claims restoration industry.

As those in this industry are aware,

Using the correct reference to determine enforcement makes a significant difference

Addressing damage to existing buildings is a challenge. Determining scope for code related the code upgrades doubles down on that challenge.

To determine scope for code related repairs the level of enforcement needs to be determined first.

Of importance here is the fact that there are chapters and specific references in the adopted family of codes that are specifically for “existing buildings”.

Awareness of these references and specific chapters and sub-chapters are sections and exceptions that offer latitude relative to required scope.

Code Upgrades The Enforcement Conundrum

“If you’re looking to code reference materials for answers, you’re in the wrong place. References won’t work until the level of enforcement has been determined”

Did you know the scope of claim related code upgrades can be ascertained within in the first month after a property claim is made and without interrupting or delaying the claims process?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I tired of receiving that extensive and otherwise un-explainable supplement at the end of a claim?

CSC introduces 2D and 3D high resolution imagery

Since January of this year CSC has been augmenting the claims consulting process using 2D and 3D high resolution imagery. We are also currently beta testing conversions of the 3D models into Xactimate friendly sketches. This technology is revolutionizing our approach to documentation of a given assignment. We also see many downstream advantages.

As noted, the imagery can be provided in 2D and 3D modes, each with a 360-degree view of everything within the camera’s range. The 3D mode measures using infra-red technology.