Code Upgrades The Enforcement Conundrum

“If you’re looking to code reference materials for answers, you’re in the wrong place. References won’t work until the level of enforcement has been determined”

Did you know the scope of claim related code upgrades can be ascertained within in the first month after a property claim is made and without interrupting or delaying the claims process?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I tired of receiving that extensive and otherwise un-explainable supplement at the end of a claim?
  • Am I concerned with not knowing the difference between what the insured’s design team and the contractor are saying relative to the facts?
  • Am I tired of not being able to correlate the large claim supplement to the “remedial” loss related scope of damage?
  • Does it seem like a better explanation ought to be available and would that help my managers and me?
  • Do I think I’m agreeing to include too much by way of code related scope because of the manner and way the information was presented or conveyed?
  • Do I think the claim process would be improved if (almost all of) the code upgrade equation could be figured out on the front end of the claims process?
  • Do I think a building official’s opinion is always correct and obligates me to include an otherwise questionable scope of work?
  • If or when I’m provided a section from a code reference does that obligate me to consider or include the code related scope in question?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we have a solution.

Code related scope is linked to the level of enforcement the building, (you have a claim for), is being subjected to.

Enforcement determinations can be made early in the process and GUESS WHAT; plans are not necessary. That’s right you don’t need to wait for the design team to be hired to generate an inflated submittal and for the submittal to go through plan review.

You are not a captive to the opinions of the insured’s design team or the unintended misinformation being interjected by the insured’s contractor and others.

The facts and the way information is presented to building departments makes a significant difference. An early presentation of those facts will help determine the correct level of enforcement.

There are six simple, fact driven, steps to figuring out what the level of enforcement will be. Every building’s history and fact pattern are different. After that figuring out the scope of claim related code upgrades is easy.

And here’s the best part, it can all be accomplished in less than 30 days from the date the claim is made.

CSC has developed a formula for dealing with enforcement and code related scopes of work. Our methods have been tested over several claims spanning the past several years. This is a normal part of our overall claims consulting practice.

Contact us for training and details. Let us show you how moving this problem to the front end of the claims process can save time and help to alleviate uncertainty.