It is important to get in front of this issue by doing the requisite research and preparation. We have developed steps that that have proven successful in solving this part of the puzzle…

Dealing with time elements requires an understanding of productivity and other contributing factors. Measurement of productivity requires experience and perspective…

In order to understand issues concerning time elements as well as cost, one needs to have an understanding of productivity. Simple equations can indicate the amount of labor a contractor is implying…

There are multiple instances on any given assignment where various types of communications are necessary. It is important those communications are well thought out…

Additional Services

  • Design team and design discipline control
  • Project document review and analysis
  • Soliciting and qualifying prospective bidders for competitive bidding
  • Setting up a competitive bid process – document control
  • Recommendations and coordination of experts
  • Contractor project cost estimate reconciliation
  • Requests for supportive information (RFI)
  • Implementation of controls relative to the scope of demolition
  • Product and price research – includes reports of product failures/deficiencies
  • Procedural research for purposes of scope development
  • Scope analysis “code vs remedial” and the effects of same
  • Flexibility and proficiency in use of estimating tools and formats
  • Defective construction reviews and analysis
  • Appraisal
  • Expert witness preparation and testimony
  • Detailed fee proposals within 1 week of visiting the site
  • Supply rough order of magnitude within the first week of visiting the site (ROM)
  • Constructability review