Using the correct reference to determine enforcement makes a significant difference

Addressing damage to existing buildings is a challenge. Determining scope for code related the code upgrades doubles down on that challenge.

To determine scope for code related repairs the level of enforcement needs to be determined first.

Of importance here is the fact that there are chapters and specific references in the adopted family of codes that are specifically for “existing buildings”.

Awareness of these references and specific chapters and sub-chapters are sections and exceptions that offer latitude relative to required scope. Making use of these areas of the building code references is necessary in determining the minimum level of required enforcement.

Either through a lack of awareness or differing agendas, we find contractors and design teams basing the scope of their repair design on incorrect code references. Whether intended or in error, using a reference intended for alterations or new construction will provide a different result that could inflate scope.

When receiving a code reference or a contractor or other professional please be sure to look at the bottom to see whether it says “Existing”. If it doesn’t say that it’s likely to be incorrect.

When receiving plans look at the title page. If some form of an existing building code reference is not listed there the basis for the repair plan is likely incorrect.

The preceding information is the first step of a 6-step process we use for determining the level of enforcement a building would be subjected to. We advocate completion of these determinations within the first 15 to 30 days of the date of the incident. For more information please feel free to contact us.

By Construction Services Company

At Construction Services Company (CSC), our consultants serve the construction industry by offering loss assessments and fact-based determinations regarding building codes and ordinances. With a combined 226 years of experience and 41 certifications to our name, we at CSC have the industry knowledge and tools to save you time and money on your next construction project.

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